How to get the best content from your next event

The festive season is upon us which means lots of events.  Whether you are planning an office Christmas party, client function, product launch or seminar it is important to think about what content you want to get from your event and how you will use it.

Who do you want to engage post-event?

By having a clear audience/s in mind you can start to plan for the type of content you will need to create.

For example, office Christmas party photos  might be useful in driving staff engagement. Event videos and presentations can be useful in extending the reach of a seminar to those who did not attend. Social media posts can also encourage engagement and endorsement from those who did attend.

Plan, plan, plan

Once you have an idea of how you want to leverage your event content it is time to start planning. Ensure your event plan includes a breakdown of post-event communications.

It sounds simple, but it is easy to get caught up in the event planning and forget about what will happen post-event. Developing a post-event content plan will go a long way to helping your content achieve the reach and engagement it deserves.


Keep your event momentum going by being timely when posting social media updates, updating website content or sending follow-up emails to attendees. Content like videos can take longer to finalise, so start with the easy wins and build up to your ‘hero’ content.

How to get the best content from your next event [Infographic]

Infographic: How to maximise and optimise the content from your next business event.

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