Hashtags on LinkedIn- yay or nay?

For platforms like Twitter and Instagram hashtags have long been an integral way to seek out related content and track trending topics. LinkedIn has never fully embraced hashtags and only introduced clickable hashtags this year, after disabling them for several years. While hashtags are being used more frequently on the platform, just how valuable are hashtags to your LinkedIn content strategy?  Somewhat. Whether it is because of their late introduction or simply because LinkedIn users consume information differently than twitter or Instagram users, hashtags are not as widely used as they could be. That said they can be still be valuable, especially for increasing your post reach and participating to discussions on key topics. 

Tips for using hashtags on LinkedIn


  • Tag your content with hashtags and follow topics of interest and trending themes to learn from others and see what related hashtags may be relevant too.
  • Search hashtags you are considering using. Are other tagged posts related to your article topic? How frequently is the hashtag used?  This will help guide in regards to what hashtags to use and when.
  • Use event hashtags. 
  • Consider location-based hashtags where relevant. 
  • Consider hashtags in the context of your broader content marketing strategy. Is my content valuable and are the hashtags I’m using adding value? Posting an inspirational quote with 15 hashtags is probably not going to achieve a great engagement rate. 


  • Hashtag stuff. Four or five hashtags per post is sufficient.  
  • Feel like you have to use hashtags in every post.  It does feel like LinkedIn is pushing users to hashtag every post but don’t feel you must.
  • Don’t make hashtags too generic. I have seen hashtags like #Confidence or #Achievement. These type of hashtags are not adding value to your post and are unlikely to increase your reach.
  • Bait users with hashtags that aren’t relevant to your content. 
  • #Do #not #hashtag #every #word.


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