Content is central to everything we do. Whether you need help with website content, a freelance thought-leadership blog, Social Media advice or strategic content marketing supportCrow Content have the capabilities you need.

Content strategy

Our website content strategy services are customer-centric. By building on a foundation of  user research we can create content that  both anticipates user needs and delivers tangible business results. Our services include:

  1. Discovery and audit
    • Identifying business objectives and goals
    • Current state mapping
    • Content and competitor audits
    • Key audience mapping
    • Current process review.
  2. Mapping and planning
    • Developing a content framework and content pillars
    • Channel recommendations
    • Development of governance and accountability frameworks
    • Content schedule development.
  3. Production, distribution and management
    • Copywriting
    • Optimisation editing
    • Publishing, migration or archiving processes
    • Supporting tool selection.
  4. Evaluation
    • Reporting framework development
    • Strategic recommendations
    • Content optimisation.

Find out more about our content development approach and the benefits on the blog.

Content production 

Content is king. Attention spans are short and video is hot right now.  While it is important to have a variety of content types to engage your audiences, regularly feeding your digital channels with fresh content can be a task. 

We can work with your team to implement a content production roadmap. Alternatively we can to develop a suite of fresh digital content for web, social media or email, including: 

  • Articles 
  • Social media posts 
  • Infographics
  • Visuals 
  • Video 
  • Newsletters. 


Freelance copywriting for:

  • Web
  • Blogging
  • Brochures
  • Thought-leadership
  • Social Media
  • Media releases.

Content marketing strategy  

A good content marketing strategy has your value proposition, target audience needs and brand values at its heart.  To determine how content marketing can help you meet your business objectives we can work with you to:

  • Map you key audiences through audience research and persona development
  • Develop a content framework, brand and tone of voice guidelines to drive effective content production
  • Identify the content types, themes and channels to drive audience engagement
  • Measure and optimise your performance.

Content evaluation 

It used to be all about likes and followers. Website visitors and bounce rate. In the age of information overload it can be difficult to get your message to cut through. 

Crow Content can work with your business to evaluate how your content is performing, make recommendations on how to improve it and establish a reporting framework to track your content performance over time. Our services include:

  • Website content UX health check – assess how your web content is supporting the overall user experience and outline where opportunities to optimise exist.
  • Social Media review and optimisation review – not getting the engagement levels you want? We can review your social media content and channels to identify improvement opportunities.

Online community engagement advisory

Gathering stakeholder feedback on a policy, seeking to involve the community in a project or just notifying residents of construction impacts? Crow Content can work with your engagement team to provide strategic advice on how digital channels can support your offline efforts.

Social media strategy 

Content should be at the heart to any social media strategy so whether you are starting from scratch or looking to get more out of your social media presence we can help with:

  • Goal setting
  • Audience mapping
  • Channel selection
  • Content planning
  • Governance
  • Resourcing and workflows
  • Tools
  • Reporting and evaluation.

Check out our Social Media Brainstorm template on the blog. It can help you kick-start Social Media success.

Social media governance 

From moderation to content production we can develop clear guidelines. Talk to us about creating: 

  • Social Media playbooks 
  • Escalation procedures 
  • Social Customer Care and/or community guidelines 
  • Reporting frameworks. 

Digital production

  • Vendor briefing and management
  • Digital project management
  • Content coordination and approval management
  • Campaign reporting and optimisation
  • Social Media planning and community management.