Social media doesn’t go on holidays

School holidays are about to start, Christmas is just around the corner and the year is winding down. But with everyone on annual leave over the Christmas break through January, who is managing your social media accounts?

Whether it’s snapchatting with friends during Christmas lunch, sharing holiday snaps on Facebook or just scrolling endlessly through Instagram as you laze by the pool (I wish), your customers are going to be active on social media over the Christmas break. Will your business be?

According to Social Media News  social media usage increases throughout December and into January as online shopping gives way to holidays and time off. It is also a time of the year when more new users join social networks.

Traditionally many businesses close over the Christmas break. January can also be a write-off with so many people on leave, but it is an opportunity for your business to shine while your competitors neglect their social channels.

Social media doesn’t go on holidays

Telstra reported an 80% surge in data usage on Christmas day 2016 driven by a record 1650 terabytes of data, roughly equivalent to 550,000 hours of HD video streaming on the day.

With the growth of social video over the past two years (one-third of time spent online is now devoted to watching videos) you can bet your target audience will be on social media on Christmas day (probably watching videos).

With social media automation it can be easy to ‘set and forget’ your scheduled content and assume you are covered but social media is about engagement. During the festive season you will want to share the joy of the season with your followers by responding to them. By thanking them for their support or dealing with any issues that may arise.

Tips for social media over the holidays

Optimise for Mobile

Not just content, optimise the whole user journey for mobile. It will be the device of choice for your audience.

Don’t assume everyone’s offline

Ensure you maintain your brand is consistent on social media over the holidays.

Don’t just set it and forget it

Plan as much content as you can but ensure you inject some spontaneity and can adjust your content plan depending on circumstances.

Don’t neglect service and moderation

Social media is all about engaging and being able to have real-time conversations.

Keep it authentic

Ensure Christmas messages and holiday content are genuine and valuable to your audience. Posting for the sake of it won’t cut it. Offer sentiment, humour or insight. Mix it up with video, images, articles and short snappy content.

Plan for the new year

The New Year period will be all about goal setting and starting to plan for the year ahead. Even though people may be on holidays that won’t stop work creeping into the back of their mind. January will be a key time for B2B marketers to target business decision makers about the year ahead.

With 2019 just around the corner it is also time to take stock of your progress throughout the year. To review and evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t. It is also a great time to set out your goals for the year.

Whether you need a hand developing a content marketing strategy for 2019 or someone to conduct a competitor review Crow Content can help.

It’s also not too late to reach out to us for help with holiday content creation.

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