There’s more to Instagram than Inspo, Influencers and (stock) Images

There is more to marketing your business on Instagram than Influencers, Inspirational Quotes and Stock Imagery. While these can all play a part in your overall content mix, an over-reliance on one or more of these content types will make your audience tune out.  

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Inspirational or yawn? 

Inspirational quotes, it feels like EVERY brand does them. Which is why you shouldn’t. Don’t be generic, create content that stands out and stops users from scrolling. Even ‘inspo’ made beautiful with apps like Canva (which is a great tool) won’t stop the scroll. Users are conditioned to scroll until something attracts their attention and most of the time motivational quotes, how-to tips and words of wisdom just aren’t going to cut it. Especially considering the number of businesses with Instagram accounts has doubled since 2016. There is now a lot more competition for eyeballs on the platform. (On the positive side  80% of users follow at least one brand).

Alternative content idea 

Make a short video and overlay your text to add movement to the post. Better yet source original motivational quotes or tips and use a photo of the person behind the nugget of gold.  

Did you know photos with faces get 38% more likes?  Why? Because faces can humanise your business and help audiences connect with your brand. 

Influencers are shifting 

With fake followers, public fails and not disclosing paid endorsements, Influencers have come under scrutiny by followers and brands alike. Brands are now turning to micro and nano influencers and building longer-term relationships with them. Why? To build trust through authenticity and to hone in on more targeted audience segments. 

Alternative content idea 

Big name influencers can be costly. Even micro-influencers might be beyond your budget. Instead try leveraging User-Generated Content (UGC) or try to collaborate with like-minded organisations to increase your reach. 

Did you know UGC has a 4.5% higher conversion rate than branded content? Put the call out for shared content, better yet drive UGC through competitions or incentives. Promote the use of branded hashtags so you can track UGC and reach. 

Stock Imagery is dead 

Ok, Stock iImages have their place. But original content, especially User-Generated Content, can generate much higher levels of engagement. It’s all about authenticity.  

Alternative content idea 

While gritty DIY shots probably won’t reflect the brand image you want, here are a few short-cuts to creating good quality content (relatively) cheaply: 

  • Invest in higher-quality content, post less frequently and repurpose where possible. 
  • Check out photography blogs for pointers on how to take better photos.
  • Skills swap or commission good amateur photographers on Instagram. 
  • Dabble with animation on websites (see my related post on creating social video).  
  • Experiment with content formats such as illustration, infographics and graphs using Canva. 

Where all else fails try to think outside the box when selecting stock imagery. Avoid the clichés of the ‘idea’ lightbulbs or  smiling office workers representing businesses.  

Stuck for content ideas? Not getting the engagement you want out of Instagram? Contact us to discuss how a establishing a content framework and schedule can restart your Instagram strategy. Alternatively, follow @CrowContent on Instagram as we experiment with visual content ideas. 

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