What is a content strategy (in less than 20 words)

What is a content strategy? There are a multitude of definitions out there, but here is my take:
A content strategy sets out how content should be created, managed and used to effectively to achieve set business objectives.

What does this mean?

Basically, all organisations produce content for a variety of audiences (internal, stakeholder, customer, public etc.) but without clear guidelines and planning it can be difficult to:

  • be consistent;
  • achieve and measure effectiveness, and;
  • improve over time (optimise).

A good content strategy does not need to be a big document, but like most goals, having something written down on paper means you are more likely to achieve it.

It is also important to acknowledge that a content strategy is different from a content marketing strategy, although the two do overlap. A content marketing strategy is a marketing strategy that leverages content to build and deepen customer relationships. A content strategy on the other hand, is more holistic and includes the foundation of governance and accountability that a content marketing strategy is built on.

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